Advertising in the Goring Gap News

There are four types of advertisement:


Standard (1/8 of an A4 page), Large (1/4 of an A4 page), Small (1/30 of an A4 page) and Classified.


All prices are listed in the Advertising Rates table at the bottom of this page.

  • Standard advertisements: these are 63.5mm deep by 90mm wide.

  • Large advertisements: these are either portrait (130mm deep by 90mm wide) or landscape (63.5mm deep by 190mm wide), depending on the preference of the advertiser.

  • Small Advertisements: There is one page of small advertisements in the magazine each month. These small advertisements are 24mm deep by 60mm wide (bounded by a box), and are normally allocated in blocks of 6 months at a time. The page is limited to 30 small advertisements and availability of new advertising space is infrequent as most advertisers retain their advertisement on an ongoing basis.

  • Classified Advertisements: These may be arranged either via Jenny Dickson 01491 873367 or or by completing a form and leaving payment at Inspirations in The Arcade, High Street, Goring.


Apart from Classified advertisements, all advertisements must be bounded by a box, and submitted to the advertising team by email at in either pdf or tiff by the deadline appropriate for the month concerned. Deadlines are normally 12 noon on a Wednesday which falls 17 days before the Saturday of distribution and are listed on the Contribute page. 

Advertisements are accepted by GGN for publication at its sole discretion and GGN needs to give no reason for a decision not to publish any particular advertisement. By signing the contract advertisers agree to indemnify GGN against any claim or costs that might arise as a result of their advertisement. 

Advertisers are responsible for compiling the content, design, layout and artwork of their advertisement as GGN does not undertake any studio work. However, any advertiser who has difficulty in preparing their advertisement may ask the advertising team for guidance, although no guarantee can be made that assistance can be provided.


Advertisers may amend their advertisement as frequently as they wish; this is particularly relevant to businesses who have regularly changing monthly events that they wish to publicise.


The positioning of advertisements is determined by the production team; it is general policy to place competing advertisements on different pages. Every effort is made to be fair to advertisers but GGN will not permit advertisers to pay a premium in order to occupy a prime position.


Apart from Classified Advertisements, any individual or business who wishes to advertise must complete a short contract, which will be supplied by the advertising team. This includes information such as name, invoice address, telephone number, email address, type of advertisement required and frequency. The contract must be completed, signed and returned to the advertising team in order to secure the advertising space. In addition, prospective advertisers should initially contact the advertising team by email at or by telephone on 07570 877718. They will be happy to discuss your requirements and to advise whether advertising space is available.

Advertising Rates

There are two levels of advertising rate for Standard and Large Advertisements:


IN village rate: for those who live in Goring or Streatley, or businesses whose premises are in Goring or Streatley.


OUT of village rate: for non-residents of Goring or Streatley, or businesses whose premises are outside these two villages.

Standard            In      / Out of village rate:

1 to 3         ads/annum  £28        /  £43 per month

4 or more ads/annum  £23         /  £35 per month

12 ads paid monthly     £276       / £420 per year

12 ads paid annually ** £248.40 / £378 per year

Large                  In      / Out of village rate:

1 to 3         ads/annum   £55        /  £85

4 or more ads/annum   £46         /  £69

12 ads paid monthly      £552      / £828

12 ads paid annually **  £496.80 / £745.20


Single   £46.50 for 6 months, Double £93 for 6 months


£1.25 per line. £2.50 minimum.

** For those advertisers who commit to a monthly advertisement for a year or more, there is a 10% discount available for payment in advance.