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Contributing material to the Goring Gap News


Deadlines for submitting material

Copy is due by noon on the following Wednesdayin 2024:

January      10

February    7

March         6

April           10

May            8

June           12

July             10

August        7

September 4

October      9

November  6

December  4

Suitable Material

The following submissions are invited for the Editor’s consideration. The Editor reserves the right to edit any material submitted:

See 'How to submit material' below for the format of all text and photo submissions.


  • News and articles of local interest, original poems, photographs and drawings. - As a length guideline one GGN page, without any graphics, typically contains about 1,000 words. A page width photo is 19 cm wide, and a single column width photo is 9 cm wide.

  • Letters – short ones normally of no more than 350 words please. Letter writers must make their identity known. Letters will be normally be published with the writer’s name, unless, exceptionally, the Editor agrees otherwise.

  • Lives Remembered - a section containing obituaries of local residents - submissions should be accompanied by a photo which GGN can use to produce 4cm x 4cm photograph of the person showing their head and shoulders, preferably face on. Please provide this photo at the highest resolution available.

  • Diary - Goring, Streatley and South Stoke events only.
    Entries should provide time, location, very brief description of the event and how to acquire any ticket that may be needed.  If a lot of details is needed, cross reference with Forthcoming Events.
    Check the event is after the next GGN distribution date.
    For charitable, local interest and arts events and local voluntary groups. Businesses wishing to advertise commercial profit-making events should contact the advertising team.


  • Forthcoming Events - Goring, Streatley, South Stoke, and also further afield.
    Entries should give details of time location and tickets as for Diary but with more details of the nature of the event than in the Diary, However still be brief as there is normally competition for space.
    Check the event is after next GGN distribution date.
    For charitable, local interest and arts events and local voluntary groups.  Businesses wishing to advertise commercial profit-making events should contact the advertising team

How to submit material

  • Send Word or text documents (.docx, or .doc, or .rtf, or .txt) without embedded photographs or logos. No .pdfs.

  • No formatting such as bold, UPPER CASE,  large type, or coloured text in the text body please, except that titles of works of music, art, etc. should be italicised.

  • A GGN page without any graphics contains about 1,000 words.

Photographs and graphics
  • Do not embed photos or graphics in documents.

  • It would be helpful if filenames consisted of caption + photographer's name

  • Submit colour photographs/logos as email attachments in uncompressed digital format at the highest resolution available (we will convert them to 300 dpi) with the name of the photographer and a suggested caption.

  • Expected minimum size for good resolution colour images is about 1.5Mb



Memory sticks, CDs, or hard copies

May be left in the Goring Gap News post box at Inspiration (1 The Arcade, Goring, RG8 9AY) - by courtesy of the proprietors. Please make sure you label such submissions with your name and contact details. Also include any additional relevant information.

Production time

Currently the production cycle starts monthly - dates above - on a Wednesday, by noon all material is due to have been submitted to

  • The Editor reviews the available material between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, prepares a Word file for each article, and by Thursday night emails these to the production team, together with a summary of the material and instructions as necessary. The production team pre-process these that night so they can start work promptly on Friday morning.

  • During Friday the production team assembles as many of articles as they can into a draft pdf which is sent for the Editor's comments over the weekend.

  • On Monday morning the production team finish off the draft, taking into account the Editor’s comments. On Monday afternoon this goes to the Editor, with comments from the proof reader, for the Editor to note further changes needed.

  • On Tuesday morning the production team make these changes, usually sending the final version to the printers before lunch.

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