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We aim to deliver copies of the GGN to all households in Goring and Streatley.

Expected delivery weekends in 2024:

January      weekend of 27/28

February    weekend of 24/25

March         weekend of 23/24

April            weekend of 27/28

May            weekend of 25/26

June           weekend of 29/30

July             weekend of 27/28

August        weekend of 24/25

September weekend of 21/22

October      weekend of 26/27

November  weekend of 23/24

December  weekend of 21/22

If your copy has not arrived after 5 days please contact the Distribution Manager Julie Rees via or 07840 874307

Extra copies can be purchased from TBD (formerly called McColls), Inspiration and Westholme Store

Postal Subscriptions

UK £44,
Europe £72,
Australia & NZ £108,
Rest of world £90.


For further details contact Tim Cox or 01491 872980

Delivering the Goring Gap News

Who does what?

Distribution Manager
  • Julie Rees

Liaises with the printers and the three Distributors to ensure the right number of copies of GGN are delivered to the right Distributors at the right time (normally on a Wednesday).

Coordinates finding a new a Deliverer when one leaves (a note in GGN works wonders)


Contacts the Reserve List members - of whom there are 24 so plenty of people to help - if a deliverer is not able to do their round one month for some reason (we all need holidays) to find one of them to do the round.


Distributes some GGNs to - for instance - the shops (McColls, Jack's and Inspirations), the postal subscriptions manager, and the GGN office.

  • Alun Hickman for Goring East

  • Perrine Elsey for Goring West

  • Diane Paddick for Streatley and the outlying villages.

Each receives copies of GGN from the printer (normally on a Wednesday) and splits them up into groups which they distribute to the numerous Deliverers in their area, with whom they liaise. 

  • The 50 Deliverers

Each deliver the copies they have received from their distributor to between 15 and 60 local households. Often a round takes just 20 minutes, though there are some considerably longer ones.​

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