We aim to deliver copies of the GGN to all households in Goring and Streatley.

Expected delivery weekends in 2021:

January      weekend of 23/24

February    weekend of 27/28

March         weekend of 27/28

April            weekend of 24/25

May             weekend of 22/23

June            weekend of 19/20

July              weekend of 17/18

August        weekend of 21/22

September weekend of 18/19

October      weekend of 16/17

November  weekend of 20/21

December  weekend of 18/19

If your copy has not arrived after 5 days please contact the Distribution Manager Patricia Williams via ggndistribution@gmail.com or 07803 838200

Extra copies can be purchased from McColls, Inspiration and Westholme Store

Postal Subscriptions

UK £36,
Europe £72,
Australia & NZ £90,
Rest of world £84.


For further details contact Tim Cox

timothycox939@btinternet.com or 01491 872980

Delivering the Goring Gap News


Who does what?

Distribution Manager

Patricia Williams liaises with the printers and Distributors to ensure the right number of copies of GGN are delivered to the right Distributors at the right time.


Receive copies of GGN from the printer (normally on a Wednesday) and split them up into groups which they distribute to the numerous Deliverers in their area, with whom they liaise. Your Distributors are:

  • Alun Hickman for Goring East

  • Perrine Elsey for Goring West

  • John MacGahan for Streatley and the outlying villages.


Deliver the copies they have received from their distributor to individual houses.

There are XX Deliverers who each deliver to between YY and ZZ local households. Often a round takes just 20 minutes, though there are some considerably longer ones.​


Message from the Distribution manager

Welcome to the Deliverers section … this is where we’ll let you know news about deliverers, new ones to welcome, those who are “retiring” … news about anything that impacts us as Deliverers.   It would also be lovely to have your input here … please send photos and news to me for inclusion … for example, we have a photograph of the husband of one of our deliverers clearing the snow on their drive to be sure that she’d be able to get out to deliver!


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year in 2020 … the start of another decade for us all and I’m sure one that will be exciting and challenging at the same time. 


Best wishes, 

Patricia 30 December 2019

New and Past Deliverers

We thank and say goodbye to:

  • Janice Wild was the deliverer in Fairfield Road for 29 years ... she took the role on two years after the publication of the first GGN and retired from delivering in July 2019.  She and her husband, Peter (our Sports Editor) have recently moved nearer to the village.  Thank you for your work for all those years, and probably in all kinds of weather - and undoubtedly you'll have many happy and amusing tales to regale us with! Wishing you the happiest of times in your new home.

  • Michael and Kim Robertson have been Deliverers in The Coombe since 19XX and have recently retired.  The Coombe is steep and notorious in the snow!  So they have walked up and down, slipping and sliding at times … but always with the most wonderful views.  Thank you for your delivering for all those years.

We thank and welcome: 

  • Becca McKenzie, who is covering Fairfield Road

  • Cristina Watkins is delivering to the top of The Coombe

  • Tim Chatterton is delivering to the rest of The Coombe